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Jquery Mobile Data-prefetch Not Working


This solution should feel much closer to experienced web developers, and it can be easily used with server-side page generation.   This solution has a significant advantage over a multipage template. Dialog - Opens a link as a dialog, not tracked in history. From the practical side this is excellent, pages are readily available, not to mention shorter.   This may look like the best solution for a mobile web application, but there's one You should not include the dialog within another page. his comment is here

Rajul hi I have Working on a JQM project where i am using first screen that has dropdown and few list item. If page is not complex just load it with an initial HTML file. There is no page structure defined within a document.(The designers of HTML had to have been teleported here in a time-machine from biblical times. In this case, I've used page-one and page-two, but you can use something more descriptive and relative to the content of your jQuery Mobile page. useful source


jQuery Mobile therefore has a simple mechanism to keep the DOM tidy. Any link or form element inside data-ajax="false" containers will be ignored by the framework's navigation functionality when $.mobile.ignoreContentEnabled is set to true. Inputs Inputs with type="text|search|etc." or textarea elements.

If this is not possible don't overuse jQuery Mobile widgets, they are the main reason for a slow application performance. This is somewhat like the toggle functionality that's common in JavaScript development, where id values are used to hide and reveal certain HTML elements. To know more about Single Page Template and Multi-Page Template, read Part 2. Datadome If you revisit a removed page, the browser may be able to retrieve the page's HTML file from its cache.

Thank you Tom Hi Dragan, thanks for you explanation about the differences between multi page template and the multi html template. Jquery Mobile Clear Cache In other words, the value of the id attribute doesn't determine what page is shown by default; the default page is determined only by the source code order. Default inherited, "none" sets the popup to transparent data-tolerance 30, 15, 30, 15 Specifies the distance from the edges of the window (top, right, bottom, left) An anchor with data-rel="popup": Data-attribute http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14834467/why-dont-jquery-mobile-prefetched-single-page-pages-work-exactly-like-multi Is there any chance the pages are being flushed from the DOM based on a memory constraint?

Origin ‘null' is therefore not allowed access. Jquery Mobile Demo Slider Inputs with type="range". If this not possible then use some kind of pagination system and always remove previous elements. All pages exist in the DOM (after they are prefetched).

Jquery Mobile Clear Cache

guest Response titleThis is preview!Attachments Publish Back to edit Cancel ()Sign In New to this Portal? Or you can create a logic that will repopulate that page when you finally transition to it Both options are viable, but you need to decide which one is better on Data-dom-cache Navbar

  • elements inside a container with data-role="navbar". Data Dom Cache False This is also a first template shown to new jQuery Mobile developers.

    As everything is already loaded into the DOM multipage template will no suffer this kind of problems.  On the other hand, this solution also holds one severe problem. this content Share a link to this question via email, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. Every page found in index.html will always stay inside the DOM (unless you remove it manually) 2. Select All