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Has any solution or workaround been discovered? For detailed information about keyboard layouts please see Section 8: "Keyboard Layout" [keyboardlayoutcode] is a string consisting of five or less characters, examples are PL214 (Polish typists) or PL457 (Polish And I walked that way, but enabling scancodes resulted in several characters not arriving in DOSbox in any form, therefore not being mappable. (To be entirely correct, having bits stripped and Del Delete the BIND to this EVENT. weblink

See Section 13: "The configuration (options) file" for more information. -writelang filelocation Write the current language settings to a file in a specified location. "filelocation" is located on the local Dosraider, wtf'd I d dosraider wrote: Nice Wardrich, glad it's solved, knew I heard something about it. Steve Chris wrote: Yeah Dosraider, wtf'd u do What I like to do You can't chat with this user due to their or your privacy settings. Look in the Section 4: "Internal programs" for usage of CONFIG.COM. click

Dosbox Config

If you click on a button with your mouse, you can see in the lower left corner with which event it is associated (EVENT) and to what events it is currently CTRL-ALT-F7 Start/Stop recording of OPL commands. (DRO format) CTRL-ALT-F8 Start/Stop the recording of raw MIDI commands. Special thanks: =================== See the THANKS file. ============ 17. Next Go through the list of bindings which map to this EVENT.

DOSBox can be configured to run a wide range of DOS games, from CGA/Tandy/PCjr classics up to games from the Quake era. ======= INDEX: ======= Quickstart Start (FAQ) Command This can be an iso or a cue/bin pair or a cue/img pair. Conclusion: Since this resulted in no kbd106.dll being listed, the mere presence of a 109 keyboard causes the problem. Dosbox Commands List There is a section of the dosbox.conf file that is designated as autoexec.bat, by putting the command there it will be automatically run on every startup.

User since {{ user.formattedDateUserJoined }} Friends since {{ user.formattedDateUserFriended }} Unblock chat User blocked This user's wishlist is not public. Dosbox Screen Size midiconfig=2 In Linux this option doesn't work, but you get similar results by using 'pmidi -l' in console. SAFETY: Can DOSBox harm my computer? http://www.dosgamers.com/dos/dosbox-dos-emulator/keyboard-layout Alternatively: Edit the configuration file of DOSBox and change the option fullscreen=false to fullscreen=true.

VER VER set major_version [minor_version] Display the current DOSBox version and reported DOS version (parameterless usage). How To Run A Program In Dosbox BiGBaDJoHN Newbie Posts: 1Joined: 2009-7-21 @ 12:27 Top Reply with quote Re: Right-Shift / Backslash Keyboard Problems (SOLVED!) by rolloLG » 2009-11-23 @ 18:07 Just for curiosity.... CONTROL: The character/cursor/mouse pointer always moves into one direction! It allows access to AUTOEXEC.BAT as well.

Dosbox Screen Size

Please be aware that MIDI sound emulation, on top of the regular DOS emulation is very CPU intensive.  Best results can be obtained on newer dual & quad-core devices. http://www.dosgames.com/forum/post-93702.html When I get home (some time this weekend I hope) I'll play with what you suggested. Dosbox Config In addition, the following commands are available: MOUNT "Emulated Drive letter" "Real Drive or Directory" [-t type] [-aspi] [-ioctl] [-noioctl] [-usecd number] [-size drivesize] [-label drivelabel] [-freesize size_in_mb] [-freesize size_in_kb (floppies)] Dosbox No Sound You can use the two-finger action for right click, if you still need a right click action.  Mouse ControlThere are numerous methods of controlling mouse input in DosBox Turbo:Virtual Mouse Control:Relative

So, that's also a cul-de-sac unless I miss something. have a peek at these guys Some DOS programs change how the mouse behaves, either by taking relative movements and speeding up, or slowing down. This can happen in various cases, like your host keyboard layout does not have a matching DOS layout representation (or it was not correctly detected), or the key mapping is wrong. If there is a more appropriate forum for this please let me know and I will take it there. Dosbox Keyboard Shortcuts

Important!: In Windows Vista/7 the configuration file won't work correctly if it is located in "Windows" or "Program Files" folder or their subfolders, or directly on c:\, so the best place I guess I'll have to do some hunting and see. [edit] Good call on the SDL bit, Dosraider. Most issues with DosBox manager stem from not completely Exiting & Quitting DosBox Turbo before trying to use the DosBox Manager. check over here Yes, in Touchscreen mouse mode, hold your finger for a long press, and then drag your finger.

I tried to see the keymapper, and it's ok, but I cannot type that "\" character... Dosbox Keymapper Its been determined that the same cache-coherency bug that was affecting the ASUS ICS Rom (see Question 24) is also currently affecting the Sony ROM. Running a certain game closes DOSBox, crashes with some message or hangs: see if it works with a default DOSBox installation (unmodified configuration file) try it with sound disabled (use the

Android 4.2+ (KitKat) SD-card issues: Android KitKat introduced a new restriction never before seen on Android: KitKat will not allow write access to the External Storage (ie.

lol. MOUSE: The mouse doesn't work. You can repeat this until the game runs fast enough for you. Dosbox Fullscreen I changed it's driver to "HID Compliant device", at which point the MCIR 109 Keyboard vanished from the list, and DOSBox works fine now!

Click on Del to remove the current binding, then click Add and move your joystick downwards. Absolute Tracking is not following my finger perfectly. UPDATE [9/27/2012]: DosBox Turbo 1.5.0 has my custom work-around for the ASUS firmware bug.  Please check the option "Disable Optimizations" in the settings if you have an ASUS device that is this content The newer Pro version of the MOGA controllers have a Bluetooth USB mode which requires no external driver app and just works with DosBox Turbo.

Add to Want to watch this again later? How to Display the Keyboard & Go to the Settings Menu There are three different ways to bring up the Keyboard in DosBox Turbo:(Landscape or Portrait Mode) - Swipe from the also yo-yo ma is great. The syntax for IPXNET STATUS is: IPXNET STATUS KEYB [keyboardlayoutcode [codepage [codepagefile]]] Change the keyboard layout.

Repeat this for Y+, save the layout and finally test it with some game. Event: EVENT BIND: BIND (the real key/button/axis you push with your finger/hand) Add Del mod1 hold Next mod2 mod3 EVENT The key or joystick axis/button/hat DOSBox will report to DOS applications. If the target emulated system is PCjr (machine=pcjr) the boot command can be used to load PCjr cartridges (.jrc). Default: 12 (reduces Network overhead) * server: - This nullmodem will be a client connecting to the specified server. (No server argument: be a server.) * transparent:1 - Only send the

Uploaded on Aug 25, 2009Here's a video tutorial on a common problem in DOSBox, especially for laptop keyboards and vista computers. DOSBox will load configuration files that are specified with -conf. See section 13: "The configuration (options) file" If you are using cycles=max or =auto, then make sure that there is no background processes interfering! (especially if they access the harddisk) Also Back to top Santhosh CHRiSA well-dressed penguinJoined: 07 May 2004Posts: 860Location: Canada Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:21 pm Post subject: Re: Dosbox keys not working properly...

That did the trick. If "name" is an executable it will mount the directory of "name" as the C: drive and execute "name". -exit DOSBox will close itself when the DOS application "name" ends. From Landscape Mode: from close to the top margin, swipe down to show the ActionBar. Try using SDL_VIDEODRIVER=windib I got this idea from here (SDL QEMU port): http://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~qemu-win/PortingTips-en.html It says: "When the keyboard doesn't work well, set it before you start the program like this. [DOS