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Internet On Phone Not Working Verizon


anyone else having similar problems? @MovieMinuteMike @vzwsupport no damage. Columbia, SC Doris Leesman my phone keeps repeatedly messaging me that it cant get my voice mails, i clear it and it sends again even when i dont and it drains The guy told me to update my IOS 10.1 and that take care of the problem. I have only 2 bars right now. have a peek at this web-site

do you have issues with calls, text, or data? Jamie My data,phone calls and text message have been down for hours in tennessee Mandi Verizon is not working in Indiana. JustinS Hey guys, (this is Justin from Oct 5th above), similar to Dana, I got the same recommendation from Verizon Customer Support and it seems to have fixed my issue of I was hoping the Bionic would also not have this issue and to my surprise it does. https://www.verizon.com/support/residential/internet/fiosinternet/troubleshooting/connection+issues/questionsone/85233.htm

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It just so happened after I reset my phone weatherbug was the last app I reloaded. Told them no way. mikeymop I couldn't hate on that, while I'll never buy an iPhone (though I may hop into WP7 when it matures more) I completely understand the choice of stability over freedom. Delilah Mireles This article answered all my questions and i know my droid charge sux now i thought i was tight with my 4G phone and all it ever says is

If you're in one spot, it's OK, but if you move around, it's ridiculous. My antenna is not showing the green light since yesterday. Tell us what's going on so we can assist. *MTB 24 mins ago @Hiluis1 I'd be happy to help. Verizon Wireless Troubleshooting Number Compnird Same here.

Doris Gaumont Can't call or receive calls, if I dial the message I get on the phone's screen is"mobile network not available ". R.Harris Had my xoom upgraded to 4g, now have connectivity problems. I thought it was the radio as I am running CM7 (Froyo kernel). Disappointed in Verizon to say the least.

Elvis Wait for me to get my 4g phone then let's hitem up with a class action and get 6 months free service ;) Andrew I think most of the AT&T Verizon Troubleshooting Phone Number We have nearly complete 4G coverage unless you get way out in the suburbs, so I rarely ever see 3G connections. Irwin Stotler My mobile jet pack says i have 4g bars yet im not getting any service in Rancho Cordova Useyourhead No mobile data right now in Rockford IL Carrie Tuttle The java classes in this app override standard android APN edit screen so you can't make changes.

Verizon Fios Internet Not Working

No email and can't get on the web. Devices Nexus Devices Samsung HTC Motorola Sony LG NVIDIA Huawei More Devices... Verizon Problems Today Anne on my android tablet, it keeps disconnecting me from hotspot internet. Verizon Fios Tv Troubleshooting And right now, that network is proving to be the biggest problem I have with an otherwise enjoyable device.

Apps/Games Games Applications Roundups App Reviews Game Reviews More Apps/Games... Check This Out It's BS. That will happen with all 4g phones on verizon. Why do I have to reboot my phone in order to get interent and email????? Verizon Troubleshooting Number

I am greatful to have found this blog so i at least have some info on what has happened to my previously fine phone. Says no internet connection on my phone. strong signal with an x above the triangle. Source I can only use my wifi for phone and internet on my cell phone.

Incoming calls are going straight to voicemail and outgoing calls are either going through after 4-5 times trying or the call is saying "call failed". Verizon Outage 2016 Happening more and more. What happens next depends on the device.

Drew Davis Havent had service all day in bluffton IN.

I usually have to turn on airplane mode to fix it. Throughout the day my data connection just STOPS, even though it says 3G and full bars. I left Verizon for Sprint and couldn't be happier. Cell Phone Outage Today verizon installed antennas, issue resolved.

I wish I could find that dork in glasses on the 3G commercials, I have just a few questions... Hopefully, the Galaxy Nexus will work. Btw, OT, I uninstalled Angry Frogs because I figured out (with the help of forum posts and Addons Detector) that it was spamming my notification bar via Airpush (This should be have a peek here I've got a UML290 LTE modem in addition to my shiny new 4G phone.

rich Wow!!! lisa My husband and I both have the bionic and couldn't be more frustrated. Lacy Polich Only getting 1 bar of 1x no data Southwest Oklahoma Britta Hultgren No bars at all. very annoying Eric Collier Family's phones keep randomly dialing each other and we hear other people in the background.

I had five other Android phones until I got this thunderbolt. My closest cell phone tower was hit by a tornado earlier this year. Switching the phone to CDMA-only mode doesn’t fix the problem, either, and I think that telling customers who bought the phone for its 4G capabilities to do this is insulting and horrible data reception.