Naked Killer (1992) [FULL MOVIE]

Naked Killer (1992) | 赤裸羔羊

Naked Killer (1992) – If you are a sincere fan of actress Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching, this is definitely a title that you cannot ignore. Because this movie is the only time you can see Chingmy Yau completely naked.

Your goddess plays Kitty, a girl trained to be an assassin by a martial arts master. After becoming a professional assassin, she is recruited to kill people. Her target is always rapists, and perverts often bully women.

Chingmy will use all of her adult skills to attract and then take down enemies. In a related action, she suddenly caught the attention of another assassin Carrie Ng, a lesbian assassin who is willing to do anything to be able to have sex with Chingmy…


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Naked Killer (1992) | 赤裸羔羊

CASTChingmy Yau Suk-Ching | Carrie Ng Ka-Lai | Sugawara Madoka | Yiu Wai | Wan Yu-Hung | Ester Wan Yue-Hung